National SCDLP Training Program Application

National SCDLP Training Program Description
Program Information

The Sickle Cell Disease Lay Program (SCDLP) is comprehensive skill training and professional development program designed to give aspiring Community Health Worker(CHW) an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) related social service and healthcare field. The main objective of SCDLP is to provide both classroom and hands on skills training in an effort to assist aspiring community advocates in obtaining gainful employment and success in the workforce as SCD community health workers/promoters. SCDAA has designed a unique CHW/SCD curriculum and will administer a five-week course to incoming trainees. At a minimum, the curriculum will address core CHW functions and competencies, sickle cell disease, data collection and reporting, and patient-centered medical home concepts.

Courses will include:

Primary Health Care and Human Services, Communication, Patient Advocacy, Community Health Education, Capacity Building, Service Skills and Responsibilities, and Sickle Cell 101

Community Health Worker Definition

According to the Rural Assistance Center a CHW is an umbrella term describing community members who assist individuals and communities to adopt health behaviors. They do not require in-depth education. They may work for pay or volunteer in association with a local healthcare system. They usually share ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status and life experiences with community members they serve, and:

  • Are selected by the community
  • Answer to the community
  • Have training in context of interventions
  • Have training recognized by health services and certification authorities
  • Do not necessarily have professional or paraprofessional certificated or degreed post-secondary education

SCDLP training is currently available to SCDAA Community Based Organizations (CBOs) members or affiliates, wanting to pursue a career in community health and sickle cell social service. Criteria for admission include:

  • Must be 18 years or older,
  • Have a high school diploma, equivalent or higher,
  • Have a Valid drivers license and transportation,
  • Must have and maintain auto-liability insurance,
  • Complete application requirements,
  • Have a satisfactory driving Record, and
  • Have a satisfactory criminal background record


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